Healthy Kids, Communities & Environments

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Inspired by the critical need to address immediate physical and mental health issues facing Canada's young people, KidActive was founded to foster the development of healthy kids, communities and outdoor environments.  

We are a nationally registered charitable organization.  Contact us for more information on how you can get involved and support our work to get more kids outside and active.


Every child is active, healthy and connected to their natural environment.


Through multi sector partnerships, collaboration, advocacy and both resource and program development, KidActive supports equitable healthy development and connects children and their families to safe, nearby built and natural environments that support accessible outdoor physical activity where they learn, play and live.


Every child has the right to healthy physical, mental and emotional development and a strong connection to their natural environment. It is our collective responsibility to provide equal opportunity for equitable health and well being.

An integrated community approach to an ecological model of health creates supportive environments for children and their families to choose activity over inactivity and outdoor active time over indoor sedentary time.

KidActive supports these concepts by enhancing and integrating increased levels of active outdoor play, increased learning outside and active transportation into the daily lives of children and their families. By increasing every child's outdoor time across Canada, we contribute to healthier, greener and ultimately stronger communities.