Collaborative Partnerships & Projects

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Effective collaboration makes a larger impact.  Based on the principle that collaborative leadership builds on shared goals, it is through collaborative projects and partnerships that we are able to make a more substantial and collective impact on the health and well being of children, youth, their families and communities.

Evidence supports the fact that it takes a multi sector, community development approach to improve the health and well-being of all children.  When we partner with organizations who have a shared vision, our goals become collective.

June 2013 - Implementation of key recommendations that came out of the 2010 Healthy Children Healthy Spaces initiative.  We are working with the Healthy Active Living and Obesity research team from CHEO, Parks and Recreation Ontario, Forest School Canada, Green Communities Canada and the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada to build on the evidence to support enhanced built and natural environments and improved access for all children in Ontario.

February 2011 - Development of the Healthy Communities Partnership, a regional collaboration to address health, well-being and quality of life in Renfrew County.

November 2010 - Partnerships with the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada and the  International Play Association Canada supported the Ottawa event, Healthy Children Healthy Spaces.  We brought together over 120 community stakeholders and expertise to address the quality of the natural spaces where our children play, live and learn. 

November 2009 - KidActive partnered with MEC Ottawa and Toronto to support a shared vision that every child needs the opportunity to connect to safe, natural play spaces.

January 2009 - KidActive contributed as one of the founding organizations of the Physical Activity Network - Renfrew County (PAN-RC).  PAN-RC is a sustainable and successful multi sector collaborative that works to increase access to supportive environments and  programs that improves the  health, well-being and quality of life for everyone in the region.

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