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photo of girl in treehouse

Supportive environments decrease barriers and offer inclusive and safe outdoor opportunities for children and their families. All our efforts are directed towards ensuring every child and youth has the opportunity to be outside, active and having fun—recognizing the need to bring up healthy children as a critical element to building strong communities and sustainable environments.

Our Goals

  • Increase every Canadian child's outdoor active time to 60-90 minutes  
  • Contribute to healthy, active communities that value accessible and well used natural and built environments
  • Build collaborative multi sector partnerships that address children's health and the link to outdoor environments
  • Support policy development that increases access to and use of natural outdoor spaces


  • Host a workshop in your school, community or workplace


  • Invite us to share our work with your community or municipality


  • Screen Play Again at a community event
  • Register as a user on our website


KidActive is a national charitable organization.  All donations help to connect kids to safe, inspiring outdoor spaces.