Fact Sheet: AT Supports Child Health and Well-Being

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 08:09 -- admin
photo of child health fact sheet

Across Renfrew County, how we interact with our natural and built environment is integral to understanding how an active transportation strategy can positively impact child physical health and well-being.

Both the risk of obesity and low levels of childhood physical activity are closely linked to AT strategies and planning. Effective municipal planning ensures that both built and natural environments promote the use of AT, supporting positive population health outcomes and sustainable communities.

Movement is an essential part of healthy development, however sometimes the environment is not built to support this development, and as a result negatively impacts child health and well-being.

This fact sheet explores the various barriers to AT and active play, and the risks involved in motorized transit.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2014