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photo of children playing in school yard

Every child needs physical activity and access to natural spaces for their health, well-being and success at school. 

Children are healthier and more successful in school when they have increased opportunities for active outdoor play and learning in natural and enhanced outdoor spaces. These spaces are an important part of a healthy school environment.

KidActive works with educators, schools, school boards, private schools and child care centres to support enhanced outdoor learning and play spaces.  We build on existing resources and provide professional development and consultation to increase the use of existing spaces and improve the environments where children play and learn.

Here is a summary of school based programs KidActive offers.  Look for the supporting documents below which include general information for parents, students, principals, educators and the community.  If you have questions or would like more information on our school programs and services, please send an email to

Active Outdoor Play and Learning Program (AOPL)

We engage students and educators in half day Active Outdoor Play and Learning Programs connecting active outdoor play with the curriculum and engaging students and teachers in active outdoor play and learning opportunities, both in the schoolyard and community. 

Natural Play and Learning Spaces (NPLS)

NPLS is a facilitated collaborative process.  KidActive engages students, teachers, parents and community members, collects input, and builds a shared vision to plan and create enhanced natural play and learning spaces.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014