What We Do

photo of field play

KidActive fosters the development of healthy kids in three distinct areas:

1. active outdoor play
2. learning outside
3. active transportation 

We know that increasing the daily physical activity levels of children and youth positively impacts their mental and physical health.  Research supports the built and natural environments as determinants of children's health and wellbeing. Our work focuses on getting more kids outside with inspiring, safe and natural environments in their communities - nearby and accessible.

We build on:

  • Community strengths and assets
  • Supportive environments
  • Local, accessible spaces & programs
  • Strong local, regional, provincial and national partnerships

We promote and advocate for:


Children need collaborative action-backed strategies to support their growth into healthy and active individuals. KidActive’s approach contributes to every child’s health and well being, the strength of supportive communities, and the sustainability of our environment, building a community development and socio-ecological foundation into our work.

  • Increase the quantity and quality of physical activity through fun, outdoor active learning and play at school, home and in the community.
  • Connect children and their families with the outdoors. Fostering a positive relationship with the natural world is a critical link for the sustainability of our environment and our society.
  • Build and enhance effective resources which contribute to the health and well being of children.
  • Develop multi-sector partnerships that support a collaborative approach to healthy child development.
  • Integrate sound research into program design and evaluation in collaboration with health and academic professionals.


As advocates for healthy child development, KidActive supports the need for multi-level, whole society strategies and action.

How we support communities, schools, parents and professionals:

  • Resources and Tool Kits
  • Knowledge Sharing Workshops
  • Professional Development
  • School and Summer Programs
  • Early Years and Parent Workshops
  • Community Engagement

Each initiative identifies supportive built and natural environments as crucial contributors to healthy learning, playing and participating in active transportation (walking, biking, skateboarding, paddling +).  The outdoors is a critical “classroom” and an accessible “backyard” for children and their families to connect with the natural environment.

Why We Do It - Our Rationale

Statistics and research clearly identifies immediate and impending health issues facing children and youth. According to the Standing Committee on Health, 26% of Canadians aged two to 17 are overweight. This statistic increases significantly for children of low-income families. Inactivity is directly contributing to our children’s health issues; including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health and joint problems.

Active, healthy and motivated children strengthen family, school and community environments. Integrating physical activity and play into children’s daily lives increases self-esteem, builds critical life skills, develops creativity and provides a sense of belonging. Higher activity levels increase motivation, improve academic performance, prevent chronic disease and enhance overall physical and mental health.

As we work to build healthy environments for every child, it is critical that play be included with academic and socially inclusive opportunities. Safe outdoor spaces that support active play and travel need to be available to all children, in every community.