Your Kids in Your Nature Series

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KidActive and the Deep River Horticulture Society have partnered to offer a FREE workshop series centered around natural play spaces.

Hugelkultur - An Innovation in Raised Beds

Hugelkultur is a newly rediscovered traditional approach to raised beds. While imitating the natural decomposition process and building up the soil, they are also beautiful, accessible, prolific and fun. Learn about Hugelkultur, its history, its advantages, and disadvantages. Get practical skills to take with you when we build a raised bed together. This is the final hands-on, family friendly workshop in our Your Kids in Your Nature series. Bring the kids and expect to get dirty!

Sunday April 26, 2014
1:30 pm
WB Lewis Library
55 Ridge Road
Deep River  ON

Creating Spaces

Offered in the fall of 2014, our first workshop in the series focused on natural play space creation.Play spaces are known to improve children's gross motor, fine motor, social and problem-solving skills, increase agility and coordination, prevent obesity, stimulate creativity, and allow for peaceful practice of self-regulatory and other life skills. Willow huts, hidey-holes and playhouses can provide children with much needed sanctuaries, retreats and quiet get-away places in the peace and safety of your own garden.

This workshop focused on how to create these child-safe and play-friendly spaces.

As a group, we worked together to build a willow hut in a local schoolyard. Each participant will left with the plans, experience, resources and understanding of how to build a willow hut at home.




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Monday, September 1, 2014